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Samir H Bhatt: Kid friendly items to take on your family trips

When you think of a family trip, you not only consider the elderly but also your cute little munchkins, right? asks Samir H Bhatt. It can be a beautiful and extremely relaxing experience for all your family members if you plan it properly in advance and act accordingly. One of the key areas of planning a family vacay is to plan the packing process. If you have to go alone for some trip, you can be a lot more casual than when you have to take your family, especially your kids with you. In this article, you will be guided through the kid-friendly items you should take on your family trip to spend a relaxing and smooth experience.

Younger, Middle and Older Children: 

Children can be typically divided into young, middle and old depending on the age groups of 3-6, 7-10 and 11-16, respectively. Unlike babies and toddlers, children can be comparatively easier to handle during family vacations because they acquire a slight tolerance during this time. 


If your children have specific medications related to health, make sure you carry them in ample amounts. Besides, carry a first aid kit to be on the safer side as recommended by Samir H Bhatt. 

Water bottles:

Do not forget to take refillable water bottles for your children. They should be sterilised before pouring boiled or purified water. Carry 3-4 water bottles in extra. It is best to carry them rather than relying on other sources.


Travelling with children will be more fun if they are having fun too. In order to make sure, select the most favourite toys and books for your children. Make sure to play with them during the trip to give them company. 

Child food:

Take your child’s oral formulas and solid food on the trip. If you need to pre-make the formula, take it in a safe and sterilized container. Other than this, carry solid food items such as snacks (healthy) and protein bars.

Spare clothes:

In case of any emergency, spills, vomits or delays in the vacation, your child should have enough spare clothes to sustain themselves easily. Many times, due to bad weathering conditions, you cannot dry clothes properly. Hence, do not be hopeful for a sunny bright day throughout your vacation and carry enough spare clothes for your children.


Wipes for accidental vomits are absolutely necessary during a family trip. Take a bunch of gentle baby wipes on the skin and can be easily disposed of after use.

Poly bags:

Poly bags are equally essential as wipes because children often throw up during bumpy rides or even just a road trip says Samir H Bhatt. Hence, this will come extremely handy.

Did you learn about all the items you need to pack on your next family vacation? Remember to be very careful when packing for your children as they are the most sensitive members and need to be taken proper care of from time to time. While you and your rest of the family may withstand some inconveniences, they cannot. Hence, you have to take all the precautions and prep your luggage accordingly.

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