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Samir H Bhatt- Role of Higher Education in the Economic Growth of the Country

Education has always been the best method of development. People who are educated in any field, be it engineering or medicine, have a chance to be employed by organizations says Samir H Bhatt. While not all people who enroll in college will find success, there is no doubt about the positive effects education has on society overall. However, the continuous negativity in media outlets regarding whether education is even worth it for the students themselves makes it difficult for students to enroll and finish. 

Higher education has many benefits, including economic growth and increased knowledge. Still, these benefits cannot be attained without an academic degree certificate due to skill sets learned through higher education. An academic degree will also increase one’s earning potential, resulting in higher productivity, thus improving their living standards and purchasing power. It will also create more employment opportunities and ultimately lead to economic growth.

It Increases the Standard Of Living

A higher percentage of people will have a much better lifestyle and live in good houses. This is due to the increased earnings from their jobs during their lifetime. Without higher education, people would not be able to further their skills and acquire new ones for better jobs, which may lead to difficulties in sustaining a good lifestyle. Also, people who hold higher prestige jobs would enjoy a better life, both financially and socially.

Education Improves Governance and Society

Through the education system, the government invests in educating its citizens to develop their skills and abilities. This will help them lead a better life and give back to their family, friends, and community by being productive members of society. As suggested by Samir H Bhatt, higher education also offers a degree of specialization that can be used in any field.

Education Encourages Growth of Technologies

A country’s economy depends on how productive the technology it has in its environment. Technology helps create more jobs and develop more inventions for the people. It also improves efficiency in agriculture, transportation, power generation, and manufacturing, among many others. In addition, technology makes it easier for people to communicate and do business with more comprehensive partners from different countries. Hence, without education, a country’s technology will be significantly affecting.

Higher Education Increases Employment Opportunities

Increased demand for the workforce and the economy’s need for more labor have increased employment opportunities. As a result, people who are well educate will have the opportunity. To find better jobs that can support their families and increase their net worth. In addition, there is a reduction in unemployment due to those who have been train by higher education. Being more skilled and versatile than other people, thus making it easier for employers to find appropriate employees.

Higher education increases the quality of life and economic growth. It also improves the standard of living for those employed in technical fields says Samir H Bhatt. One who is skill in a certain field will have better opportunities. To sustain a good lifestyle and provide for their family. Furthermore, it is easier to find better work because one will be able to adjust and adapt to new situations.

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