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Samir H Bhatt: USA travel checklist – What items should you carry? – Things to do

If you’re planning to migrate to the USA, this article will guide you thoroughly says Samir H Bhatt.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has created difficulty for each of us, but those holding on their trip to the USA can now go for it.

We have created a list of items that you should carry with you while traveling to the USA to ensure a safe stay and enjoy a convenient trip.

Visiting the USA for the first time – Find out the checklist


Original passport and a copy

Do not forget to carry your passport with you all the time. Also, it’s advisable to keep a copy of the passport in your luggage as well as in the electronic form. If possible, keep a soft copy in your inbox or Google drive to avoid hassles. 

Flight ticket

Always book your flight tickets in advance because it will help you to enjoy discounts and lowest prices. Keep them with you while traveling, or at least the soft copy. 


The reason behind your traveling to the USA defines the visa category you will belong to. Just ensure that you have the appropriate documents for your Visa. 

Boarding pass

When you check in, make sure to collect the boarding pass. You can collect it online or get it directly at the airport. Keep it handy throughout the journey.

Soft copies for important documents

It is advisable to email a soft copy of all the important documents that you need to carry while traveling to the USA. The list of documents includes identity proof, contacts in America, passport, address proof, etc says Samir H Bhatt.



According to the US government, all entrants need to have a set of specific vaccinations prior to visiting. It includes Rubella, Measles, Polio, Hepatitis A and B, Varicella, etc.


Carry your paracetamol pills for common health problems like body pain, fever, cold, etc. Moreover, there are numerous restrictions and guidelines when it comes to carrying medicines to the USA for special ailments.

Accessories and clothing

Items like wallets, belts, eyeglasses, and sunglasses should be carried because it’s quite expensive to purchase them after landing in the USA.

 You can purchase regular clothing from there, as they are available at cheap prices.

If you have plans to spend several months, avoid carrying your woolens because they might not be enough for you to stay warm at such a low temperature. Besides, you can get them cheaper in the USA.

Utensils and food

According to Samir H Bhatt, if you’re planning for a long trip, it’s advisable to carry your cooking masalas with you. It’s quite possible that you may not like what you get there.

You can even carry your own small pressure cooker because it’s not available in the USA.


Foreign travel card

Travel insurance

International calling

So, when are you planning to start the journey? Let me know in the comment box below. If you have any queries on travelling, get in touch with us.

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