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Samir H Bhatt- What all to pack for family vacations?

Vacation is a wonderful way of celebrating some quality time with your family and yourself—away from the hectic daily schedule of a mundane life says Samir H Bhatt. Nowadays, research highlights and suggests that people entitled to deskwork and lead a busy lifestyle should take more breaks than often. This is because our stress levels are increasing with time and in order to reduce it, we need to increase the regulation of ‘happy’ or ‘relaxing’ hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, etc. which can be achieved by relaxing.

However, going for a trip is not entirely an easy and relaxing task if you consider the packing phase. You always end up packing either a lot of items or too little and missing a few key elements. Here is a list of essentials apart from clothing items that you need to pack for your family vacation to save you from the pain.


You should all the prescribed medicines of your family members and yours. Besides, keep a medicated kit ready for vacation purposes. In this kit, keep essential medicines such as fever, stomachaches and issues, head and body aches, acidity, cuts, burns, spasms, and cough drops. Besides, carry disinfectants and sanitizers. 


Make a separate bag for all your toiletries for your own convenience. Add shampoo, conditioner, dental accessories (toothbrush, floss, scraper, toothpaste), hairbrush, deodorants, shaving kit, soap and body wash, sunblock, specific skin and hair care items. 

Backpack or handbags:

Keep a backpack or handbag loaded with all the essential items you will need and ask your family to do so. This will be easy for you to access a particular item for a quick emergency. Add a sleepwear or loungewear and tee-shirt along with a bottom. Besides, you should have the most important things in this bag. In case you misplace or lose your main luggage, you and your family members can still have your essentials on your family vacations.

Protective elements: 

Protective elements should be prioritised and considered carefully. Sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, raincoats or rainwear, jackets and garments for special climatic conditions can be included under this category. Samir H Bhatt emphasizes on being careful about packing protective elements when going for trips of all kinds. 

Neck pillow:

Carry an inflated neck pillow if you are running short of space in your luggage. Since you have to carry neck pillows for every family member, it is best to go for an inflated one. 

Power bank and other accessories: 

Mobile and laptop accessories can be clubbed together in a small to medium sized pouch. Power bank is a necessity in this case. Besides, carry chargers, USB cables, converted plugs, ear pods, mobile/ laptop stands, cordless mouse and headphones (if required). 

Snacking items:

Carry snacks for a quick munching session. You can carry protein bars, spicy chips, chocolates, banana chips, cable and mixed candies, mints, and even marshmallows.

Documents and Cash: 

Documents such as tickets and identity cards—both hardcover and softcopies should be carry to avoid any unwanted inconveniences. Even if you have enough cash in your account. Always carry a buffer amount of cash in your pocket to be safe.

Hopefully, this article was of help and now you can confidently pack. All that you will be needing for the family trip says Samir H Bhatt. Often, articles do not cover certain things that are required only if you are going to a specific region. For example, if you are going for a vacay to cold and snow-covered regions. You will have to take extra care to list down the specific things that you will be required. Similarly, if you go to any other regions with extreme climatic or environmental conditions, make sure you do your research accordingly before you zip up your luggage bags. 

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